Can I import all diagrams at once into in Confluence? Gliffy, Lucidchart, Visio?

The apps for both Confluence Cloud and Server/DC allow administrators to mass import and convert Gliffy diagrams in an instance. Currently, mass import of Lucidchart on-prem is only possible on server and DC instance.

If you wish to migrate from Lucidchart on Confluence Cloud, there is no mass import option, but it’s worth contacting support for processes to make any migration easier.

The original Gliffy/Lucidchart diagrams are not changed in any way, so reverting the page to a previous version will correctly display that page at that revision.

  • Make sure your Confluence and app versions are both current, and reindex your instance so that no diagram files are missed.
  • Run the mass import on a Server/DC test instance before doing it on your production instance. Test individual Gliffy diagram conversions by downloading the .gliffy diagram attachment and dropping it into the diagram editor.
  • Perform the mass import as an administrator who has write access to all pages, outside of working hours.

At this time, there is no mass import for Visio diagrams.