Can we access a Linchpin intranet on mobile phones?

We are starting to use some Linchpin apps. Is there a mobile option for iPhone and Android phones and tablets?

That is great that you are starting to use some of the Linchpin apps. The Linchpin Mobile app works with Linchpin to provide intranet access to your employees via mobile on iOS or Android. In the Atlassian marketplace, you can purchase the Linchpin Mobile app. This will then allow you to access your Linchpin Intranet from an iPhone or Andriod phone with a free download of the app on the appropriate mobile phone store.

Here are a few features that Linchpin Mobile provides along.

  • Access to Linchpin Intranet (Confluence) behind the firewall.
  • Appears as it does on a desktop but with mobile navigation.
  • Notifications to your phone on corporate news.
  • Call or email employees directly from your phone with the employee directory.

You can see the full details about Linchpin mobile including how to set it up and other documentation can be found at Linchpin Mobile.