Confluence - Are attachments per page or is there a pool of all of them?

Hi, I have a question regarding attachments, please. if I upload a file to a page, is that page attached to that page or is there a pool of attachments somewhere? Can I attach files from that pool?

In my case, I have several pages which I copied into child pages. Now all of those have all the attachments of the parent page. Does this blow up my data usage? Can I just delete those attachments of the child pages, without them being deleted on the parent page?

Is there a way to "delete all “.png” files? When I attach new files, there will always be attachments I won’t need.

Atlassian’s original documentation explains all about attachments on this page.

If you attach a file to a specific page, it is attached to that page. You can search for files to be attached to the same page, to other pages or also from the web.

If you attach a file from another page, it will not be an attachment to your page. That helps with the issue of the child pages, but keep in mind, that that attachment, if deleted on its original page, will show a broken link on your page. That is why some Confluence users create a dedicated page as a “pool of attachments” like you called it.

Yes, if you copy a page and it will stay with the attachments, that counts towards your data on your instance.

In the standard of Confluence, there is not option “delete all” attachments. Depending on the fact if you are using Confluence Cloud or Server, you can find different apps on the Atlassian Marketplace which can help you there.