Confluence attachments macro

I want to download all attachments in a page,but in my conluence doesn’t have download all this option.How should I approach this problem?

Hi, first of all, you need the “View page” permission to be able to download the files attached to a page. Do you have that? It’s maybe not a good question, because I think, otherwise you would not be able to see this dialog.

Can you download the attachments one by one, directly from the page? By clicking on it and download it from the preview dialog?

Can you try to attach a third file, just for trial. If you have only one file attached, you can’t see the “download” all button, but starting with two yes. Maybe on of those is somehow an attachment that is restricted, maybe it is attached to another page, that you don’t have the view permission for. I don’t see the option “view” either on the second attachment on your screenshot. So that one is the problem, I think.