Confluence - can I move a blog post to a new space?

I have a blog post which I would like to move to a new space. Is that possible? Who can do that?

If a blog post is created in a wrong space, or if you want to reorganize your spaces, individual blog posts can be moved to another space. To do this, you need the “Delete Blog” permission in the current space where the blog post is located and the “Add blog” permission in the new space where you want to move the blog post to.

View the blog post, click the three dots in the page menu and click “Move”.

Click “Select Space” in the “Move to dialog”, and either start typing the name of the target space, or select it from the list of suggested spaces, then click “Move.”

Please watch our Video #60 of the Video Tutorial Series “Learn Atlassian Confluence” and read more about blog posts in Atlassian’s documentation on this page.