Confluence - Can you explain the Product Requirements Blueprint?

Hi, could you please explain the Product Requirements Blueprint in detail to me? How to produce it?

The product requirements blueprint helps you define and monitor the requirements for a product or feature.

Click on the three dots in the menu next to “Create” and click “Product requirements”.

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Then click “Create”. The page will appear immediately, and you can enter a title and fill in the rest of the information as you need to.

After you use a product requirements blueprint for the first time in a space, Confluence creates an index page. This index page displays the all product reqruiements pages within that space, and displays an overview of each page, for example, the status and the owner of each page.

Please watch our Video #108 of the Video Tutorial Series “Learn Atlassian Confluence” and read the information on this page of Atlassian’s original documentation to learn more about this subject.