Confluence Cloud - Blog Articles with Enterprise News Cloud

How can we use Enterprise News Cloud to work with blog articles?

One of the new Cloud Apps is Enterprise News Cloud and it can be used to reach more people thru articles. Please see Confluence Cloud: Reach More People with Your Blog Articles with Enterprise News Cloud

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  • Language Manager Cloud
    Link translations of your content and provide easy and fast access to them.
  • Enterprise News Cloud
    Upgrade your Confluence Cloud blog articles to a customizable, inviting news hub and homepage feed.
  • Navigation Menus – quick & easy orientation
    Never get lost in the depths of your Confluence system again! Every system needs a good navigation menu. Our menu even handles images and helps you navigate through Confluence Cloud even more intuitively.
  • Contacts
    Bring more overview into your Confluence Cloud. Keep an eye on your contacts, get a dedicated contact list in the system and upload your own files to keep the data up to date.