Confluence - inline comments use within another intranet/Tomcat

We use Confluence 5.7 and I am looking at the inline comments feature. It works for pages and attachments, would it work for other web pages outside Confluence e.g. on an intranet?

Not Atlassian’s intranet. Our own java/jsp based web servers on Tomcat - as one example. Confluence pages are not really integrated there. The “use case” I’m looking at is having Confluence for
analysis/research. E.g. collaboration in Confluence pages for briefings, research papers, etc.

Would you have any suggestions or solutions for this, maybe a plugin or so? Thank you.

Thank you for participating in our answer-portal! And sorry that our reply took so long. :wink: So, here we go:
As far as I understand your request, you’d like to use the inline comments feature on pages outside of Confluence, to work (e.g.) collaboratively on documents or pages in your intranet. That’ll be a nice feature indeed, but the inline comments feature is not able to work outside of Confluence. As an alternative, the feature is also included in the Linchpin Intranet, since this is a Confluence-based solution. You can find additional information here:

If you need further information, feel free to contact us!