Confluence space missing in AutoPage settings

Hey, we’ve installed AutoPage macro to our prod enviroment over the weekend.
Now, when creating a new autopage rule, the space that we want to work with is not available in the
drop-down menu:

However, all the other spaces that we have (100+) are available.

What we’ve checked so far:
Permissions, applications links, manual linking to the space → all of these are OK.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I’ve pinged someone from our team. Unfortunately I don’t know the answer myself.

I have received an answer from our team. They would ask you to file a support ticket with our help desk here:

This is a too specific problem and we need to analyze this with your logs and specific data that you should not share publicly here in this portal.

Will you file a support request, please?

Yes, I’ll file a support request.
Thank you for your help.

thanks for the awesome information.

Hey Jacky,

I guess and update would be good, as it looks like you have a similar issue - it is caused by the number of spaces in our environment.
The autopage plugin currently displays only around 400 spaces in the drop-down menu (sorted a-z), but we manage around 600.

Our workaround was to temporarily rename the space in question, thus placing it higher in the a-z sorted list.

Guys at the seibert have identified the bug and will be releasing a fix :clap:

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