DB file encoding of Linchpin Intranet suite

Hello everyone

We are new to Linchpin and Confluence. Settting everything up like this:

Now Linchpin theme says the file encoding should be utf-8, which I basically agree on, but is there an other way to accept Cp1252 which is supposed to be the default for confluence on Win Server.

Thanks and sorry if I double any issues.

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This is over my head. Will pass it on to our support team. Our “official Linchpin Support” is organized via Jira Service desk. This way please.

Hi, thanks for the quick response, just did so :slight_smile:

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I pinged them internally as well. So maybe we’ll get an answer here as well. Let’s see.

Hello Patrick,

thank you for getting in touch. The Linchpin Theme required the JVM to work with UTF-8. If it does not, the configuration might break when using special characters in the configuration. For more information about this, please have a look at this knowledge base article.

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Hello and thanks for the quick help.
Now I followed the instructions and enabled UTF-8 in JVM.
However the error message remains the same.
Now the database is in Cp1252, which might be the problem and could be fixed at some point in there. But Confluence ittself accepts or even suggests to do so on windows, but linchpin not. Not shure if wew will run into trouble if we convert the database.

Again, I would prefere UTF-8 in any case, maybe using Windows is the problem in the first place, but don’t tell anyone :wink: