Draw.io for Confluence Data Center Pricing FAQ

We announced changed to the list prices for draw.io for Confluence Data Center, as well as new loyalty discounted pricing for existing users.

We will add any commonly asked questions here, please feel free to add your own.

Why are the prices increasing?

This comes down to basic economics. The on-premise codebase was built with revenue from server sales. When Data Center came along (DC), we could share the cost of that codebase between the two. DC does have additional security and performance requirements, but it’s still mostly a shared cost.

With Server being End Of Life (EOL) in 2024, the dynamics change. From now onwards server revenue will decline to, we assume, zero in 2024. The revenue generated by DC alone must sustain investment into the on-premise version.

The DC volume is much smaller than server (though higher per instance), so new pricing was needed to justify the long-term business case, which is what our users want us to have.