Easy Events RSVP - stop registrations/sign-ups for events at a specific time?



Is it possible to close the registration/sign-up process for an event at a defined time? I want to avoid new sign-ups for an event at a specific time, for example at 12 am when the event starts at 1 pm.

Thank you.


If you are using Easy Events Version 1.8, the feature was introduced with that release. The macro now has the option to close user registrations, hence disabling sign-ups. But as of now there is no automation. You cannot configure the macro to close the registration on a specific time. You have to do that manually. Just disable the checkbox. The signed up users won’t be affected, you’re merely “closing the registration”. I am attaching a screenshot:

This is also an interesting feature request. So we will suggest it to the team.

If you have further questions, please let us know.

Best Regards,


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