Edit page and jump directly to cursor position / current reading position

I remember when we updated from Confluence 5.8.10 to Confluence 6.2.4 that there was a nice little feature that I am missing now although we are still on 6.2.4.

I am not quite sure what could be responsible that it does not work anymore - maybe some add-on.

Does it work for you when you hit “E” on a page to Edit it, that you can edit right away from the current cursor position? Or does the edit mode brings you back to the top of the page?

This is especially relevant for long pages. If you scroll down far in page-view mode and want to quickly change something I want to jump in right where I stopped reading.


Turned on Save Mode to disable all add-ons
Turned of collaborative editing (synchrony)
Deleted Custom HTML
Deleted Custom Stylesheet
–> still does not work and I am 100% sure that I have seen it working

How about trying this Confluence app:

It is compatible with your version of Confluence. Does this help?

Thanks, I heard about the InPlace Editor, but actually meant that this should work out of the box. I am 100% sure about this and could test it on another Confluence instance to show it.

1. Scroll down -> click “e” to edit -> page/cursor stays where it used to be

This is the behavior I am looking for, but does not work anymore on our instance.

2. Scroll down -> click “e” to edit -> jumps to top of the page

This behavior should not be - I do not know why we have this in our instances.