Google Workspace - Fingerprint and PIN unlock on Google Chromebook not working

My Chromebook actually has the fingerprint installed for unlocking, but it doesn’t work. I can’t ID myself with my fingerprint. Also not by PIN.

What could this be, when chatting with the manufacturer I was told that it should definitely work. Could it be some setting in Google Workspace?


yes, you have to change it in the settings of Google Workspace as an administrator to allow users to use the fingerprint and PIN. You have to allow the fingerprint for the domain in the Google admin area (for Chromebooks).

In the Workspace admin area you can find the option in Device Manager > Chrome Devices > Security > Quick unlock.

This setting specifies if users can use quick unlock modes, including PIN and fingerprint, to unlock the lock screen on their Chromebook.

Take a look at this page of Google Supports documentation: Set Chrome policies for users or browsers

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