Google Workspace- Google Drive can't display aliases/links

The classical/free Google Drive does not recognize aliases/links and shows them as textfiles. Is that different with G Suite?

Our data base is of over 650 MB and has a complicated folder-structure and in every folder there is at least one alias. What kind of data-migration solutions can you recommend?

Storing of databanks like e.g. MySQL is not recommended in Google Drive and we strongly recommend not to do it. That’s the same in the free and paid version as both are technically the same.

If you would like to store or work your databanks in the cloud, you should us the Google Cloud platform to start with. Nevertheless, Google Drive is primarily thought for collaborative working and is not thought to be a real server data-system. If you are just looking to work with a complex structure of files and documents, that is possible and those can be linked and filed via folders. We would need to know more about your individual use case to recommend more detailed solutions.

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