How can I lock shapes, so they can't be moved anymore?

I created a diagram and now like to lock the shapes so they can’t be moved accidentally. How can I achieve that?

Hi there. There are two ways that you can lock shapes in Which of the two options is right for you depends on whether you want to lock all or only part of your shapes.

Lock all shapes
Go the the view tab in the menu bar and select Layers. The menu for layers is now visible. Click on the lock to the left of each layer to lock all shapes on that layer. If you are working with multiple layers, you may need to lock several or all layers.

Lock only a subset of shapes
If you only like to lock a few shapes, this is the solution you need. Select the shapes you like to lock and go to the format panel on the right hand side (if the format panel is not visible, go to Menu > View > Format panel). Choose the tab Style and click on the Property section in the lower left area to expand it. Go to the option Moveable and uncheck the box. Now it won’t be possible to move the shapes any longer. Compared to locking the layers, this solution has the advantage that the shapes themselves can still be formatted. If you want to disable this option as well, also uncheck the Editable checkbox.

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