How can I send shapes to another layer in for Confluence?

I started creating a diagram and then realized, that I have to work with different layers. Now I have the problem that I have a new layer but all the shapes I already created are in the “Background” layer. Do I have to completely redo the shapes on the other layer or can I send them to the target layer somehow?

Hi there. You don’t have to start all over again. You can just send the shapes and connectors or your choice to the new layer. To start, first make the layer panel visible (Menu > View > Layers). Now select all the shapes you like to move and then go to the layer panel. At the bottom, you see a box icon with an arrow on top, directly located at the right of the trash bin. This is the Move selection to option. Now click on the icon and choose a layer. All of your shapes will be sent immediately. You can check this by unchecking/checking the checkbox for both, the initial and the target layer.

There is a dedicated video to your question. If you like to know more about layers in, always feel free to have a look at our Youtube playlist on layers (