How can I test the Linchpin Intranet software?

I have heard that Linchpin can help us establish a full intranet for our organization. I want to try it out. How do you recommend doing it?

Watch the 3-minute-video

If you only have very little time, the following video is our best effort to summarize it in about 3-4 minutes:

Use the demonstration area

If you want to play with the software hands-on, there is a Linchpin demonstration instance without limitations and includes all software features with demo content. This demo instance resets once a day.

Create a personal instance for an extended testing period

You can also create a dedicated test instance fully configured and filled with demo content if you want to use your data or invite your time for a longer testing stretch. You can also extend the test period to match your needs.

Install Linchpin in your Confluence instance

If you have an existing implementation of Atlassian Confluence, you can install the Linchpin Intranet Suite App from the Atlassian Marketplace and try it in your environment. The app is available for Server, Data Center, and Cloud.

Please note that the Linchpin Cloud app differs significantly from the Linchpin Server and Data Center app due to technical requirements.

Personal Demo with a Consultant

We do offer individual and custom software demonstrations and short discovery calls with our consultants. Those can be scheduled directly from our website.

Run a Proof-of-Concept (POC)

We offer a guided experience for an extended test with your real data in a “production-like” environment. Such a POC project often involves connecting your existing software systems like a user directory, import of HR data, taking over of real content to make sure, that Linchpin can serve your needs in production later. Linchpin partners or our consultants carry out such projects.

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