How can we keep our conversations with clients private in Atlassian Confluence?

Using Confluence, we are having some security issues with information we would like to share with clients. We are using different spaces that we also give clients access to. But somehow it’s not the best solution. We saw some Space Privacy information on your website, what is that about?

Using different spaces in Confluence separates content but does not protect user data. Our Space Privacy app for Confluence adds extranets. This provides companies with extended user data protection and privacy functionality.

Space Privacy and extranets

With the Space Privacy app, you are able to create an extranet space where only users in that space can share, search or mention other users within that extranet. Groups can be assigned to an extranet and added users will receive a message that they now have access to the extranet. Internal groups can be defined so they have access to every extranet space and can work together without Space Privacy permissions affecting them.

For more information, please visit our Space Privacy page.