How is the free standard/Enterprise offering set up?

I’m an Atlassian Partner. I read that I qualify for a free for Confluence Cloud instance for internal use. How do I set that up?

Firstly, send us the domain you access Confluence Cloud on. That is in the form “” or “”. Do this via a request at our help desk.

Once we have that we will create an exception on our systems for that domain so that license checks are ignored. Note that this automatically licenses you for for Jira Cloud as well.

Once we tell you it is active, you need to stop any trial or subscription to in the manage apps admin screen.

That screen will tell you that is unlicensed, you can safely ignore that. To double check if the license is working try inserting a blank diagram and see whether the “File” menu option in the editor is active. If it is, your license is active.

You do not need an access token, we have our own licensing system.