How long will the free version work for?

The free versions of for Confluence and Jira Cloud seem to have degraded over time. Why is that? Have you stopped supporting the free versions?

The free versions are fixed code releases that we cannot update. There will come a point when the Atlassian APIs change and our API calls are invalid.

This has already happened when the RPC-JSON API was deprecated, so editing diagrams is broken in both Confluence and Jira.

We are aware of a change that will likely break the viewers, so we are creating a free version of the “pay-for” updated app. The steps you need to follow are:

  • Upgrade the app in your manage apps admin section. (Yes, it says paid upgrade, but don’t worry about this).
  • Once upgraded, click “stop trial”.

The app will show as unlicenced, but basic functionality will work. By stopping the trial you will not be charged for the app.

The viewer and basic editor functions will work again. This is our only real upgrade route for free users who don’t wish to pay. Otherwise, the old app will become completely broken and pages with diagrams just show errors (uninstalling will just show errors, too).