How should I work on my first content assigment from Seibert Media?

I was given my first assignment to write an article for Seibert Media. Now I am curious if there are tips for a good procedure and criteria for good work.

It is pretty safe to assume that you will have to read this very carefully in order to submit a successful result.

What is it?

Usually, you get a headline and a description of the topic that is between one and five sentences long. Don’t fool yourself by believing that this is a proper briefing. It’s not! All this gives you is a wide frame for the theme of content you can work on.

Your first task should be to familiarize yourself with the context and the marketing goal that your content piece follows. The better you can describe this context and the marketing goal the better you will be able to deliver a splendid result. So it may be a good idea to come back to us with a short summary of context and goal about your topic at first to validate your assumptions.

Do not do this

Let’s start with things to avoid:

  • Don’t be too quick with submitting your result.
  • Don’t forget to ask. Actually asking is (often) crucial.
  • Don’t be sloppy. Avoid simple mistakes.

Rather do this

Things to focus on:

  • Understand the context
  • Understand the goal of your content (validate with us)
  • Research your topic.
  • Do your own proofreading and use help

We have guidelines for research pages and for blog posts. Ask us for those if, you were assigned one of these content types or something similar.

More often than not, many of your questions can be answered by just taking at our existing corporate blog. Go to the blog and search for the product/topic you’ve been assigned and take a look at them. You can use what has already been published as a guide for tone, style, quality, and length.

What to look at for a good Google Doc submission?

Your work will be submitted in the form of a Google Doc. We will provide you with a google doc link where you will add your notes, research and draft. This is doc will be viewable and editable by all users.

  • Include deep links to download pages for images and screenshots that you are using in your doc.

Track your time with the app

We do allow you to book times manually in general. But not for the first assignment. Please make yourself familiar with the app and start and stop when your work diligently for the first task.

About the context - Common mistakes and wrong assumptions

The following sentences shall help you to understand the context of your text:

  • We are not Atlassian.
    Atlassian is an Australian software company. Seibert Media is a partner of Atlassian. We are a vendor in their Atlassian Marketplace with our product. We are also a solution partner and sell services and resell licenses.
  • Atlassian partners are both our partners and our competitors
    With, Linchpin, Agile Hive, Blueprint Creator, Aura and other products we do have Atlassian partners who resell these licenses. We want to support them doing so and help them wherever we can. When a customer is searching for a solution partner to work with, those same partners can be a competitor of ours as we offer services and resell licenses ourselves as well. Understanding this complex situation is helping a lot in knowing the context of our business. For example: If you’re writing a text about Linchpin it’s perfectly fine to mention that Seibert Media can help with licensing and services as well. But if the blog post is posted by another Atlassian partner they will not want us to do their job. So it is important to leave that out or talk about “us” - which could be the partner - instead.
  • We are not Google.
    A similar situation applies for Google. We are reselling their licenses and offering additional services for customers. Google is an independent company. Seibert Media is not affiliated with Google apart from being an official partner.
  • Be sure which of our business models you support with your content piece: Services, reselling or licence sale for our own products?

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