How to Assign Tasks to Groups


If I want to assign a task to a person, I do that with an “@”. Is it possible to assign tasks to user groups?


Hi Björn,

We use tasks in Confluence only for fast and simple to dos as they offer limited functionality. It’s almost like a scratch pad for quick meeting notes. We use Atlassian Jira for real task management.

Unfortunately, you can only assign tasks in Confluence to single users. So we just @-mention several users in one task.

In the case of very large user groups, we created users like @partner or @clients in our Linchpin Extranet. Then when you mention the group you will send a notification to the everyone via the group mailing list.

This is a workaround and from a technical point of view, against Atlassian’s licensing terms. Every individual should have their own user. In our case, every person has their own user, but there are additional users for groups. Atlassian should be fine with that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does this help you?