ICS - Issue Calendar Syn for Jira - compatible with Jira Service Desk?



I would like to use the addon ICS- Issue Calendar Sync for Jira. I am not sure if I can use it with Jira Service Desk? I would like to use it directly with JSD to plan things from the ticket.


Hi, all calendars work with subscriptions. So, you can show several subscriptions from the calendar app. Let’s say from co-workers, meeting rooms, company cars, etc. Each of those requires per head, room or car a different subscription. This app works as follows:

  • You create first a Jira filter in order to show the issues in my calendar and collect them in Jira.

  • Then you create a subscription based on the filter.

  • At the end you need to subscribe to the subscription in the calendar app of your choice.

The subscription of single issues does not go well with the logic of a calendar, that’s why we work with filters and subscriptions which can be subscribed to.

I hope that explained the issue a little bit more in detail and you will know how the app works.

Please let us know if you have further questions.