Is it possible to disable emails from selected add-ons?


I am interested in using an add-on but entirely disable the notification emails it wants to send.
There are no settings in the add-on itself. Is there any option in the hidden administrator settings of Confluence?

I assume it can be a bit tricky, on the other hand, why should it not work add-on based to enable/disable.

If needed I can explain the reasons (the special situation) and my thoughts behind this, however I think it is not necessary. If so please let me know …

Maybe it helps to learn that it is about a Linchpin add-on


As this is one of our Confluence apps, I am sure, that our teams will be open to evaluate a sponsored development to deactivate sending out emails from this app.

There is no Confluence configuration that I know, that allows you to disable outbound emails for plugins / apps. Sorry.

Thanks, yes I thought that a sponsored development is possible.
Anyway, it was something I needed fast as we are testing the app.

I thought there is a possibility to enable / disable outgoing emails centrally, but I did not find anything like that either.

You can eliminate all emails by invalidating the mail server credentials. This would be an option for specific testing periods.

But this is global then. Should be no problem in a test system. Would that help?

Thanks for that additional hint. Well, we would need it for a single add-on only.
Anyway - thanks!