JIRA - filter parent tickets with version subtasks

Hi, I am looking for a possibility to use a filter that checks if a parent ticket that has version subtasks, has no version. I am talking about the fix versions. Thanks.

Hi, this works in the standard JIRA only in part.

There is a query:

issuetype in (standardIssueTypes()) AND fixVersion is not empty

But this only shows the parent issues with versions. The pendant would be:

issuetype in (subTaskIssueTypes()) AND fixVersion is empty

But here you don’t have a matching between parent and child issue.

If ScriptRunner (an Add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace) is installed, you can apply a more defined search and you will get to your result with this JQL search:

issueFunction in parentsOf(“fixVersion is empty”) AND fixVersion is not empty

Please let us know if you got further questions.