Linchpin - Examples for using Linchpin for internal Human Resources?

Hi there, are they any good examples of Linchpin being used for internal HR?

Hello, yes, there are many good examples how to use the social intranet solution Linchpin for Human Resources. Let me point some out to you:

• All HR people files can be saved and organized in a highly restricted space (contracts, payments, plans, agreements, certificates, budgets, spendings, …). That can be accomplished by creating restricted spaces and reinforced by the use of the add-on Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence, where you could manage, for example, external providers that form part of your HR. Extranet users can only find, mention, and view users who belong to the same space as they themselves do.

• All public HR information for all employees can be distributed to all via the mobile app Linchpin Mobile.

• Onboarding can be organized via a flight plan. You can see a great example of this in our Linchpin Demo, which you can access easily via our Linchpin Demo-Site, using the Admin login Username pwinter and Password pwinter:

These are the direct links to the example pages:

Onboarding Home

New employees

Guide for new employees

Reference persons

First steps of a specific employee

Please let us know if you have any further questions or if we can assist you with anything with Linchpin.

You need to login with our demo users to access these pages:

  • User: pwinter
  • Password: pwinter

This is how the login screen for our Linchpin Demo-site looks: