Linchpin Mobile, the Gateway service and what is Firescope?

We would likely be interested (for cyber security reasons) in the Gateway Firescope service, by what you mentioned in the quote, but could we find out a bit more about how it works (technicals, that I can give to the IT / security teams), and also, would we need both the Linchpin mobile and Firescope, or is it one or the other? What information would you need from us to provide a realistic price?

Also, I’m thinking through the project process at the moment, and I wanted to check with you how we might best proceed.

Firescope and Linchpin Mobile

Firescope was an internal project name that we used for your Gateway server that helps to bridge smartphones in the public internet to seamlessly access an Atlassian Confluence instance behind a firewall in a secure way. We have discontinued to use “Firescope” as part of our marketing as there are other products with that name out there and we also thought that it’s just a security extension of Linchpin Mobile and thus should not have a different product name.

If you want to hop on a call with one of our team members to learn everything about our Gateway service, our security concept and why even infosec people of very demanding and big corporations have approved it, here is a link for our availabilities: