Linchpin - Notifications for Enterprise News Bundle add-on - how do they work?

How do notifications work for enterprise news bundles and how can they be changed?

I am using Enterprise News Bundle with approval workflow and so I wanted to find out when an editor approves a blog, who gets notified?

Hi and thanks about your question about our Enterprise News Bundle, the tool for corporate communication.

There will be no special notification after a blog post gets approved. There is only the one to the editors the moment it is submitted for approval, but nothing else later on.

As an author, if you want to check on the status however, you can open the blog post scheduling overview (to be found under your user menu). There you can see if it still is pending approval or has been approved already.

If you are watching the space the blog post is published in, you’ll get a notification that there’s a new blog post published, but that’s triggered by the publication, not by the approval.