No update option for on Confluence Data Center


I have an in-maintenance app installed on our Confluence Data Center. On the manage apps page there is no option to update, but I know an update is available. How do I get the latest version?

Most likely issue is that your Data Center instance is firewalled from accessing the Atlassian Marketplace.

To manually update

Go to . There you will find all on-premise releases of

Check you are looking the Data Center releases and find the newest release that supports your Data Center version, the supported versions are shown in the release summary text.

Once you find the latest supported DC release, hover over that entry and you will see a “download” link appear. Click that link to download that build.

In the “manage apps” section of your Confluence administration pages, you will find a link towards the upper-right of the page “Upload App”. Click that and select the downloaded obr that you saved in the previous step.

You new version will be uploaded and started after a time.

Note that other possible reasons for the update button not showing are:

  • There are some scenarios where if a custom build is provided to you and manually uploaded (ie as a result of a support query) UPM won’t show marketplace updates.

  • It’s possible to turn off the UPM feature for checking for updates. In which cases the update won’t show in the UPM.

  • If the you are on an old version of Jira / Confluence, that is supported in an old version of your app, but not the latest version, UPM will only show the latest version that is supported by that version of Confluence.