Odd question: Have you ever heard about automatically rotating and showing all pages of space?

This may sound like a very odd question - but if I explain it it may make sense.

I want that Confluence serves as a basis for our internal Infoscreens. For this I simply create a stylesheet that shows a very minimalistic Confluence Space. Adapted for a TV screen.

A few users should be able to create pages in this space. I would like that all the available pages will rotate through, e.g., every 30 seconds.
I know that there are solutions e.g., for a Raspberry Pi to select those URLs and do exactly that. However, I’d like that all available pages rotate through. Only then a page can be shown on the Infoscreen without changing settings on the Raspberry.

If the latter is necessary it would not be used as it is too complicated. But everyone can create a simple page …if you want to take it offline from the Infoscreen you simply move it somewhere else or delete it.

Do you have anything in mind that could help here?
Basically I need to load & rotate several pages with only one Confluence URL.

I am interested about your ideas …


Hi Markus,

By standard this is not possible in Confluence. But there are some workarounds which you can find in a simmilar discussion at Atlassian Community.

In addition to that you could check if our Enterprise News Bundle plugin would fit your needs.

I hope this helps. Do you have further questions?

Thanks … we do have the Enterprise News Bundle. Need to experiment with that, as I am not sure if I could get what I want with it.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:
I see. I think our Enterprise News Bundle documentation could help you with this.
If you have questions, just let me know.

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