Show (dynamic) progress of an issue / epic

I want to display the progress graphically in my Jira tickets, e.g., via a progress bar. Unfortunately, I can’t find a suitable representation that can be flexibly adapted. Do you have an idea how I can implement this requirement?
And in addition to that: Can I somehow generate this progress dynamically? E.g., for an Epic via the corresponding estimates of the stories/tasks? That would be even better, of course.
I already found this old entry in the Atlassian Community:, but unfortunately, this is for Jira Server and also not exactly what I was looking for.
I am looking forward to your answer!

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Hi @anonymous183
Thanks for reaching out!
As you tagged the question with jira-cloud, i assume you are using Jira Cloud.
If so I would like to recommend our new app, “Awesome Custom Fields for Jira.” You can display the progress of a ticket or any other metric using a progress bar or a progress circle.
The display is a configurable bar or circle whose color can be adjusted, giving an excellent result in the sidebar (see below in the image).

You can install the app for free - and use it as intense as it suits you.

The extension to show progress based on other fields and field values are in our backlog and will be extended.
I assume that especially the Story-Point field is relevant for this, right? Another use case will measure the progress over time based on tracked and estimated time effort in Jira.

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For a quick preview of the app and what it’s capable of, have a look at our video: