Space Privacy Extranet for Confluence - Can a space be restricted also to Confluence admins?



Hi I have a question about Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence. In Confluence, I can set a space restricted to everyone, including Administrators, yet Administrators can gain access through Space Permissions in the Administration section. Can I, through your addon, set a space encrypted in a way that not even the Confluence administrators can view this space?

I am looking to have a space for our Executive team, where they can store sensitive information and Atlassian Admins wouldn’t have access to it.



Hi, unfortunately, it is not possible. It’s a fundamental mechanism in Confluence’s permissions logic. We can’t eliminate that with Space Privacy. Same would be, e.g., that an admin can get access to the emails via mail server, he can get it to all content (which is visible in the audit-log).

Space Privacy basically doesn’t change the functionality of Confluence but just adds certain permissions for users/groups/permissions on a space level and controls the visibility of users.

A solution might be a totally separate Confluence instance with different admins that have permission to see the delicate content of the executive team.