What happens if I stop subscribing to draw.io for Confluence Cloud?

I have an existing subscription, but I don’t have the budget for it any longer.

What functionality will I lose? Will I lose data? If I do lose data, does subscribing again recover that data?

No data is ever lost. All diagram data is stored as page attachments. Even uninstalling draw.io does not cause data loss. Re-installing would make the drawio macros on pages referencing those attachments work again.

draw.io works in two modes. The standard mode is what you see when you subscribe normally to the product.

The second mode, the free mode, is the functionality available when draw.io is run without a valid license. You can stop a trial or cancel your subscription to enter that mode.

In free mode, you do not pay anything, but you are able to view, create, edit and save diagrams. You lose mostly integration specific functionality, such as collaborative editing, shape search, ticketing support and diagram revisioning.