What happens if two users open, edit and save an attachment at the same time?

I know that there are add-ons available for locking/unlocking attachments, e.g., Arsenal Lockpoint or GoEdit.

Also this was suggested here:

However, this is quite costly, thus we can probably not get those add-ons. Does anyone know what is the standard behavior of Confluence if two users edit an attachment at the same time?

I cannot believe that there is no solution available out of the box.

No, I do not know a better solution and there is no solution out of the box. The only thought I have to offer here:

It may well be, that this problem is much smaller than you think. Just try without tackling this. Maybe the occurrence of people overwriting one another is neglectable.

Good advice …maybe it really is neglectable.

I did some further research, and what I read so far at least no information is ever getting lost. One just creates a new version of the attachment.

Max open calculation.xls
Moritz opens calculation.xls
Max adds "bread = 2 EUR" and saves the document
Moritz adds "milk = 1 EUR" and saves the document

The latest version will according to what I read include the row milk, but not the row bread.
However the second-last version will include the row bread, but not the row milk.

I could not test it yet, but if this is true at least no information gets lost.

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