What is the advantage of Atlassian Jira and Confluence on Server over the Atlassian Cloud?

I am a little bit irritated with choosing between Atlassian Cloud and the server option by Atlassian. We can host our instance with our Atlassian Partner. I am now interested in finding out what the advantages of the server deployment is, especially for customizations, amount of apps, data security and other things.

Hi Anonymous101,
There are several advantages when it comes to using the server version of an Atlassian product. With server, you are able to manage when you upgrade the application along with what version. Meaning, you are able to determine which version best meets the features you want in your current application at the time. In a server environment, you have access to make customizations within the system that you see fit. If security is important for you, server is probably your better option. When it comes to apps on a server instance there are more options that allow flexibility. Meaning, some apps are not available in the cloud for various reasons and vice versa. However, if you are looking for a faster deployment with no team to support the application, then cloud is a good option. For very small deployments, especially those below 10 users, cloud is incredibly cheap and fast-forward with no maintenance needed. If you are still wanting the versatility of server, letting a Linchpin partner host Confluence server for you is the best option. If you are hosting with an Atlassian Partner such as //SEIBERT/MEDIA your data is secured per the German data privacy requirements.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers a couple of packages when it comes to hosting your Atlassian application. There is the Hosting Package which hosts your application. Then there is the Operation Package which includes hosting your Atlassian application, implementation of Atlassian upgrades, high availability, and several other benefits.

Is it true, that Confluence Datacenter and Server have one code base and Confluence Cloud is a different code base that has been forked from Server long ago and supports less features?

Hi Anonymous106,
All three versions of Confluence have varied features, although they are all in general, built from the same Confluence base. Server and Data Center are almost identical in function, although Data Center has a few more features due to its scaleability. Confluence Server and Data Center feature comparison by Atlassian has a chart showing the differences between those two versions.

Confluence Cloud is quite different to the other two options, as it is more intensively developed, and releases new features more regularly and sooner than they are implemented in Server and/or Data Center. The current functional differences compared to Server have been outlined by Atlassian

I would encourage you to compare Atlassian Cloud to Server to work out which version suits your needs more.

If you want to have the stability of Confluence Server but don’t have the team or resources to support and/or run the application, our Linchpin Partners can help with hosting and operating your Confluence Server instance for you.