What is the difference between Atlassian Confluence and Linchpin Intranet?

I have been told by our Atlassian champion that Confluence and Linchpin are “the same”. It looks so different. I am confused. What is the real difference? Is that compatible? We have Confluence in our company already.

The difference between Linchpin and Confluence is Linchpin is based on the collaboration software Confluence. Linchpin uses Confluence as its foundation and it adds a lot of useful features. Linchpin doesn’t work without Confluence.


Linchpin is a social intranet that connects employees, smaller/larger teams and locations across the world. The customizable homepage or dashboard is your central access point. This may be a specific page for each department or location. Each employee can select which news channels they wish to subscribe to and add to their newsfeed.

The Linchpin User Profiles are the foundation for all personalization features. You will see different content, a different navigation, and maybe even content in different languages, all automatically, based on fields in your user profile.

The personalization features in Linchpin are fantastic. Personalization helps to prevent information overload - you don’t want to overwhelm your employees with irrelevant information.

Editorial content can be published and broadcast in a targeted manner. Colleagues can reach each other quickly from a user’s profile by clicking on a link to start a chat or a video/phone call.

Linchpin also gives you shortcuts to the applications, software and websites you use in your daily work. These can also be automatically personalized based on user profiles.

None of these features are available in Confluence, which is why Linchpin is a more feature-rich solution that provides a modern environment for collaboration.

For more information about Linchpin, including an introductory video, please visit the product website: https://linchpin-intranet.com


Confluence is like an open and shared workspace. You can create pages with well formatted information and attach documents. You can customize templates, add images, videos and gifs. Your work stays organized in their page hierarchy, and pages can be collaboratively edited by multiple users.

Of course, being based on Confluence, Linchpin also has all of Confluence’s features. To see more about the features of Confluence, please visit: https://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/features