Who is Seibert Media as a company? What are you doing?

Could you explain in plain words, short and without too much marketing buzz, what your company is about and how you earn money?

This has been a question that we’ve been getting quite often in the past. Probably also because we do a lot of different things. Here is my answer in plain English without buzz:

We earn money with software that helps teams and organizations to work better together. We build that software, resell other people’s software, and offer services. We earn money when we sell our own software. We get a share when we sell other’s software. And we pocket the money for the services. That’s how cash gets in.

We specialize in solutions for Atlassian and Google Cloud. As a solution partner, we help customers with everything from strategy over consulting, training, configuring, and optimizing to hosting and running the software. We resell all software in the Atlassian and Google ecosystems. We offer more than 30 apps that enhance the base software. These are the most significant products: draw.io, Linchpin Intranet, Agile Hive, Aura, and more …

Seibert Media has over 260 employees, mainly in Germany and the USA. In 2021, our company generated more than 60 million USD and has been profitable and entirely self-financed since its founding in 1996.

Learn more about us on our website.