Confluence - I would like to enable or disable the autocomplete feature

I know I can interrupt autocomplete while working on a page but I would like to know how to completely enable or disable this feature.

You can do that for two of the autocomplete features. Autocomplete for the open square bracket and the exclamation point can be turned on or off. Autocomplete is enabled by default.

Click on your profile photo in the menu and select “Settings”. Then select “Editor” from the sidebar on the left.

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Click “Edit” and then the “Disable Autocomplete” checkbox to disable it. Click “Submit”.
To enable autocomplete again, click Edit and click the check mark to remove it. Click “Submit” and autocomplete will be re-enabled.

This is our Video #96 of the Video Tutorial Series “Learn Atlassian Confluence” about autocomplete. You may also review Atlassian’s original documentation on this page for more info.