How do medium size companies use a Linchpin intranet?

Hi, we are a medium size company in the online Casino business. What could we do with Linchpin? We already use Confluence and Jira. Can we only use it internally or also with our clients somehow?

Linchpin is a great tool to use for your online Casino business. Linchpin can help you communicate with your employees in many different ways and it will also let you add apps which will help make Confluence a full social intranet program. Not only can you use this program internally but it can also be used externally by creating different project rooms. More information about external use can be found here

Hi, thanks, can you explain more about the many different ways you mentioned? And how exactly can we use it with Confluence? Do we still need to pay the monthly Confluence fees to Atlassian? We are using the Cloud version.