How many agents do we have to buy for Atlassian Jira Service Desk?

We are using Jira Software for 230 people. We would like to add Jira Service Desk. How much does that cost. Do we need to buy 230 agents? I estimate, some 10 to 15 of our employees would have to answer clients. Does every client need to be a Jira user?

It’s exciting that you are thinking of using Jira Service Desk along with your Jira Software instance.

Pricing for Jira Service Desk licensing is based on agents. Clients do not need a Service Desk license to create requests, comment on requests, and share requests. So as you mentioned, you would have 10-15 employees (agents) answering clients, viewing work queues, viewing SLA’s, and reports, you would need to purchase the licensing tier that corresponds best with that number of agents.

Since it is on a Server instance the number of agents allowed to use your software will remain constant, but you can purchase an upgrade when you believe you are going to exceed the number of agents you are currently licensed for.

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