JIRA InstaPrinta - Can I print sub-tasks and how to create custom templates

Using JIRA InstaPrinta, 2.1.5, can I print sub-tasks?

Also, I cannot find out where to create a custom template. https://info.seibert-media.net/display/DOC/InstaPrinta+-+Administrator+Guide+2.0. I won’t be able to create templates with that syntax.


yes, you can print sub-tasks as well.

The best way to build a custom InstaPrinta template, is to customize an existing template. Just download the template in the global InstaPrinta configuration. You will get an XSL file, which you can customize to your own needs.
If you want to change the JIRA fields on the template, just change the InstaPrinta placeholder (e.g. _ip.assignee_).

You’ll find additional information about XSL-FO at the end of the InstaPrinta Administrator Guide.

If you have further questions or need support for creating templates, feel free to ask us.


I am attempting to create a custom template by using one of the defaults (Basic 2) and performing a simple replace (replacing ip.created with ip.fixVersions), but it keeps throwing an error that does not seem to contain information:

{"message":"Error parsing xsl template file<br />Please contact a JIRA Administrator.","reason":""}

Does anyone know how I can execute this properly?

Hi pdeluca,

would you be so kind and create an issue in our ServiceDesk: https://jira.apps.seibert-media.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/13/create/125

Hi Dom,

Does that portal use the same login information as this forum? I do not seem able to log into the servicedesk using the same credentials, and that system does not apparently support password resets.



Hi Phil, as you told us by chat, you managed to log into the Service Desk and openend a ticket there. You will be notified by E-Mail. It’s a different login as this portal.