Jira - Permission and Notification Help




a coworker told me about some kind fo helper in Jira. I’m having troubles with the permissions and schemes and can’t find why a certain user can’t do a certain thing. Have you heard about a build-in help?



Hello, yes, you are looking for the so called Admin Helper functions. It’s two of them, the Permission Helper and Notification Helper and they can really do a great job and help you save time (and nerves :).

You need to have Admin rights. Next to your profile picture, click on the cog wheel Administration symbol and then on System:

Find Admin Helper in the left sidebar (almost at the bottom) and you will find the two options:

Fill out the dialog with the criteria you need help with and you will see the results. Either the user has all needed permissions or you will be shown what’s missing and guided to the system settings where you can adjust it.

Please also take a look at our free video tutorial “Learn Atlassian Jira”.