Jira Service Desk - how does the licensing work? How many agents to we need?

Could you please explain to us how the licensing or Jira Service Desk works? We have to buy agent licenses, which will be worked on by service employees as tickets. Do users that go to the ticket system then need Jira licenses?

Our use case is as follows: we would like to have one ticket system for each service desk, 10 agents, 1000 user that can have access to it, can open tickets and read answers. What would we need besides a 10-user license for service desk?

We are already using Jira (server and Datacenter version), with between 500 and 2000 user licenses.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sure. As you already said, not the users but the agents need a license for Jira Service Desk. An agent is somebody that can change the status of a ticket and is able to send a final answer to the client (internally and externally).

You can define a customer base with clients which have access to the frontend of Jira Service Desk. So not everybody will have access to the input screen or the service itself. These users can make requests and can see the status of a ticket but they don’t count towards any license-count. That is only the case when the user should also participate in the actual work on the ticket.

E.g., if you have an internal project in which the initial requester should work also in solving the ticket, then you need a Jira license for this user. Though as long as it’s only of interest to the Service Desk user to open tickets, review the status and receive a final answer, you only need to worry about the license for your agents.

On this page in our documentation you will find the pricing info for Jira Service Desk.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.